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Kim’s Clutter Repair is Born!

Hello There,
My name is Kim Blish-Ewen, and I’ve been compulsively organizing stuff since I was a wee little thing. Over the years I have gleefully jumped in when friends and family members needed help making sense of their homes and simplifying their lives. Eventually enough folks encouraged me to go into the personal organizing business that, well, I went and did it.
Organizing has been more rewarding and exhausting (in a good way) than I ever expected. My client list is growing by the week. My page will be updated soon with the requisite breathtaking before and after pictures, and glowing testimonials. In the meantime, rest assured that I am busy diving into someone’s closet, revamping someone’s playroom, or making sense of  someone’s paper piles.
If you’re in the Los Angeles area and suspect that you may have a personal organization issue on your hands, get in touch with me at