About Kim

Hello there. My name is Kim Blish-Ewen, and I’ve been compulsively organizing things since I was a wee little thing. Over the years I have gleefully jumped in when friends and family members needed help making sense of their homes and simplifying their lives. Eventually enough folks encouraged me to go into the personal organizing business that, well, I went and did it. It has been more rewarding and exhausting (in a good way) than I ever expected.

I like to think of myself as a personal trainer of sorts. For some people exercise is easy, and the routine of it naturally falls into place. However, for others the mere thought of it is daunting, no matter how important and beneficial it is. Cleaning out clutter, dealing with piles and creating systems to keep everything organized is also daunting process. Like a trainer, I guide you through it. I assist you in tackling all those areas you’ve been meaning to address, but have avoided for your own sanity. Then I set you up for success, with a system to keep all our hard work in place.

Additionally, and this is something I’m especially proud of (mind if I pat myself on the back a bit?), I find homes for all of your excess belongings. One of the main reasons people talk themselves out of cleaning clutter is not wanting to deal with all the stuff they’re parting with. I take care of all of your “castaways”. I leave nothing behind. I sell your “sell-ables”, I recycle your recyclables, and I donate your “donate-ables” (with a tax deduction for my clients).

Above all, I try and make this process as painless as possible. It can be an overwhelming adventure, but I try to keep things light and, dare I say, fun. All of my consultations are free, and I always follow up on my work to make sure you are satisfied for the long haul. But please don’t just take my word for it. You can find some nifty client testimonials right here.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and suspect that you may have a personal organization issue on your hands, get in touch with me at KimsClutterRepair@gmail.com or at (310) 386-2957.

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